Shampoos & Conditioners
SAIL has developed a renowned product line to meet the needs of every hair type. Enhanced with natural extracts and nourishing ingredients with exhilarating fragrances, Eve hair care products deeply cleanse, protect and fortify your hair.

Shower Gels and Handcare
EVE Hand Wash and Shower Gels are mild, ph balanced cleansers that deodorise and protect the skin from dryness and irritation. They soften, nourish and moisturise the skin.

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A range of shampoos for every hair type. Available in bottles of 200ml and 400 ml.
Special shampoos
Specially formulated for specific hair types, these shampoos give utmost care to help against daily hair damage.
Available in bottles of 200ml.
Hair conditioner
EVE hair conditioner helps to soften and nourish all hair types for a better looking and healthier style.
Shower Gels
A choice of 2 delicate fragrances enriched with natural extracts. Capacity : 200 ml
Shower Gels Aromatherapy
A choice of 2 fragrances and natural extracts to give you that relaxing sensation. Capacity : 200 ml
Liquid Soap
Available in a selection of 4 fragrances specially formulated for a deep cleanse whilst maintaining your hands soft. Bottle capacity 200 ml.
Liquid Soap refills
Liquid Soap refills Capacity : 500 ml