Currimjee Jeewanjee, the founder of our group, left his hometown in the state of Kutch, India in the mid 1880’s, and arrived in Mauritius at the age of 18.

Here he founded Currimjee Jeewanjee & Co (CJ) in 1890 as a trading company dealing in the import of foodstuffs and commodities as well as the export of sugar.

Trading remained the firm’s main activity until the 1930’s when a timber yard and sawmill was acquired, marking the beginning of the Company’s industrial aspirations.

However, CJ’s first significant move into industrial investment was made in 1955 with the setting up of a bottling and distribution company for Pepsi Cola.

In the years leading to the island’s independence in 1968, CJ made investments in other import-substitution industries, such as soap, margarine and detergents.

In the early 1970’s CJ was one of the first Mauritian investors to set up a knitwear factory. In the following decade CJ made investments in the services sector namely, insurance, energy distribution, information technology and mobile telephony.

Today, the Group is headed by Currimjee Limited (CL) - an apex organisation that offers a number of management and professional services to the different operating units. The Group services  include company secretarial services, corporate governance best practices, quality management, organisational effectiveness, stewardship of shareholder interests and communications.